Tabby. 22. Queer. Femme. Wellington, NZ.

The more she could imagine this island, the less she liked the real world. The more she could imagine the people, the less she liked any real people. It got until she didn’t belong anywhere. It got so nobody was good enough, refined enough, real enough. Nothing was as real as her imagined world - Chuck Palahniuk

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Here. Let me hold that soul for you. You’ve been drowning in labels for so long you’ve grown tired of survival. Here’s a moment of bliss. A moment of aliveness. All day long, I expend. I hold together, I lift up, I give out. And sometimes, I just take in.

—  Lauren Zuniga, “Submissive”

— Lauren Zuniga, ‘Confessions of an Uneducated Queer’ (via loverofstories)


Neil Hilborn & Renee Schminkey - “One Color” (NPS 2013)

"They didn’t teach me that I could be with someone but not always want them, that being curious about sex doesn’t mean I was asking for it."

Performing for Minneapolis’s SlamMN! at the 2013 National Poetry Slam.

why are there so many good pictures of tegan and sara on tumblr tonight? and why are they touring europe when i was about to cancel my flight there! is this a sign? what is going on! ugh!

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I’m totally excited about this you guys! I’ve made five issues of a new comic series called ‘family portraits’ which explores the lives of different queer, trans and awesome people. And i’ve just applied for funding to get them printed!! You can totally vote for me at


tegan and sara


tegan and sara


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